[ 1 min EASY SETUP ] JPRiDE JPT1 Bluetooth Transmitter / Receiver 2-in-1 Wireless Portable Adapter for TV and 3.5mm Audio devices [ AAC aptX LL codec support ]

✅ ONE MINUTE SETUP – EASY PAIRING : 2-in-1 Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver. TWO functions in one small hardware, easily switchable.
✅ TRANSMITTER (TX) MODE MAKES ALL DEVICE WIRELESS: ☑️ [ Example : ] Play sound from your TV with your bluetooth wireless speakers and earbuds. ☑️ [ EASY SETUP ] Connect TV and JPT1 using stereo cable. Pair JPT1 and your bluetooth devices. That’s it. ☑️ [ Multi Point Connection ] Two bluetooth devices can play at a time. ( SBC codec is used upon multi-point connection.) ☑️ [ TX mode spec ] * Codec : APT-X, SBC. * Runtime:13 hrs
✅ High QUALITY SOUND and LOW LATENCY : JPT1 is equipped with Advanced Audio Codec, AAC codec and aptX LL codec. If you compare JPT1 with other devices with standard codec, the sound quality difference is obvious. ☑️ [ Low Latency (lag time) ] Low latency achieves perfect synchronization with sound and motion pictures. JPT1 achieves 30-40 ms(mil second) latency while standard bluetooth codec has a noticeable 170-270 ms. Absolutely recommended when you watch TV or movie with bluetooth.

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